Celebrating Our Community Champion: Ms. Glenda Martin

Celebrating Our Community Champion: Ms. Glenda Martin

Our outstanding Guest Services associate, Ms. Glenda Martin, has recently been recognized as our "Community Champion." This award, presented to Glenda for her exceptional accomplishments in the gym and her invaluable service to the EnerGYM family, mirrors her inspiring journey and vibrant positivity.

A Lifetime of Perseverance

Ms. Glenda Martin is a shining example of determination and resilience. Growing up in Dismore, Florida, in a time before modern conveniences, Glenda faced significant challenges. Living in a low-income family and struggling with weight most of her life, she never allowed her circumstances to define her.

Family and Fitness

With two children and seven grandchildren, Ms. Glenda is a proud matriarch who balances family life with a robust commitment to her health. After years of hard work and consistent workouts with EnerGYM founder, Bradley, Glenda underwent a remarkable transformation. She has lost a significant amount of weight and is now in the healthiest state of her life.

Fitness as Therapy

Glenda views her fitness routine as more than just a path to physical health. For her, it is a source of joy and solace, serving as therapy for both her body and mind. Even amidst the hustle and bustle of life, she finds time to relax by watching inspirational YouTube videos and occasionally indulging in her guilty pleasure - donuts!

The Community Champion

Known to many as Triple G, Grandma G, or simply "Ms. Glenda," she brings a burst of sunshine to our Jacksonville gyms every day. Her "Good Morning" greetings and her genuine, welcoming personality truly embody the spirit of EnerGYM NorthJAX.

We are incredibly proud to honor Glenda with the Community Champion Award. Her dedication to her health and her service to the EnerGYM family serves as a testament to her remarkable character. Glenda’s journey continues to inspire and motivate those around her, reinforcing the transformative power of fitness and the pursuit of health and wellness.

Please join us in congratulating Ms. Glenda Martin on this well-deserved recognition. We look forward to celebrating many more victories with her as part of our EnerGYM family!