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Glenda Martin

Guest Services

Meet Glenda Martin, our radiant front desk associate and a beloved member of the EnerGYM NorthJAX family. Ms. Glenda's journey is one of perseverance, resilience, and a commitment to health and wellness.
A native of Dismore, Florida, Ms. Glenda grew up in a time before modern conveniences when her hometown still had its own government. She attended Paxton High School, back when it was just a regular high school before it became a renowned preparatory school. Life was not always easy for Glenda, growing up in a low-income family and being overweight most of her life, but she never let these challenges define her.
Married for over 30 years with two children and seven grandchildren, Ms. Glenda is a loving matriarch who spent 14 years driving a school bus and took pride in being a stay-at-home mom. Her dedication to her family is matched only by her commitment to her health. After years of hard work and regular workouts with EnerGYM founder, Bradley, Glenda has seen an incredible transformation, losing a substantial amount of weight and currently being in the healthiest state of her life.
Glenda finds solace and joy in working out, considering it her therapy for both physical and mental health. She enjoys watching YouTube videos for inspiration and has a cheeky fondness for donuts as her guilty pleasure. Glenda, also affectionately known as Triple G, Grandma G, or simply "Ms. Glenda", greets everyone at our Jacksonville gyms with a warm "Good Morning," reflecting her sunny and welcoming personality.
EnerGYM NorthJAX is Ms. Glenda's "happy place." Her remarkable journey, vibrant energy, and love for helping others make her a true asset to the EnerGYM family. Her story continues to inspire and motivate those around her to believe in the power of transformation and the pursuit of health and wellness.