susan kane zumba

Susan Kane

Zumba® Instructor

Meet Susan Kane, one of our dynamic Zumba Instructors at EnerGYM NorthJAX. A passionate fitness enthusiast, Susan has been sharing her love for Zumba with students since 2008. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Supervision and Management, she also serves the community in the medical field.
Susan's Zumba classes in Jacksonville are energetic and varied, incorporating her unique dance choreography that blends diverse Latin styles with her favorite reggaeton and hip-hop moves. Always aiming to inspire, Susan believes in Zumba as not just a workout, but a potent tool to boost physical and mental health, connect with the community, and, most importantly, have fun.
Her carefully curated playlists radiate positivity, with a strong preference for Christian music. Susan's classes offer a mix of various music genres, creating a vibrant dance environment where every beat is a chance to burn calories and every move a stride towards fitness.
Susan cherishes her students and the enthusiastic energy they bring to each class. She's not just about teaching, but about inspiring and being inspired by her students. So, come and join Susan for a Jacksonville Zumba class – lose weight, have fun, and let's get inspired together!