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Pamela Burr

MixxedFit® Instructor

Introducing Pamela Burr, our vibrant Jacksonville MixxedFit Instructor at EnerGYM NorthJAX. Pamela hails from the great state of Texas, where she developed her spirited "bigger than life" attitude. A proud native Texan and devoted Cowboys fan, she carries the Lone Star State's energy with her wherever she goes. Pamela's zest for life is unmistakable, often showcased by her signature style of wearing two different colored shoes and cruising around Jacksonville in her eye-catching bright blue C8 Corvette. You can't miss her presence, both visually and audibly!
From a young age, Pamela has had a deep passion for music and dance, and her love for them shines brightly when she hits the dance floor. She has an uncanny ability to move to the rhythm and express herself through dance moves that captivate and inspire.
In addition to her vibrant personality, Pamela is a dedicated single mom. She successfully raised her son, who is now pursuing his dreams at New York Law School. As a token of appreciation, he has promised her a "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" card for her role in helping him become a future attorney.
Pamela's commitment to a healthy lifestyle has driven her to actively participate in the gym and receive training from some of the industry's best, including her current trainer, Karen Rodriguez, affectionately known as "The She-Beast." Pamela lives by the golden rule of treating and teaching others as she herself would like to be treated and taught.
Her philosophy on life is simple yet profound: "Live, Love, Laugh, and Dance!" Pamela believes in embracing life to the fullest and, if something's not quite right, rolling up your sleeves and fixing it. With her infectious enthusiasm and positive outlook, Pamela is a wonderful addition to our EnerGYM NorthJAX family. Join her for MixxedFit classes and experience the joy of dance, fitness, and living life to the max!