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Karen Rodriguez

General Manager

Meet Karen Rodriguez, the dynamic and passionate General Manager at EnerGYM NorthJAX's Faye Rd location. Born in Guatemala and raised in Georgetown, Delaware, Karen's passion for fitness is reflected both in her personal life and her professional role.
A 20-something caffeine enthusiast, Karen enjoys a lively mix of hobbies, including tennis, lifting heavy weights, Latin dancing, and discovering new foods. An ardent fan of early 2000s RnB and Reggaeton, she is often seen tapping her feet to these beats. Karen attended California Lutheran University for three years and holds an AA in Microbiology.
Karen's dedication to service extends beyond EnerGYM NorthJAX, as she currently serves in the United States Navy Active Duty, with a commitment spanning seven years and counting. Her journey with EnerGYM NorthJAX began in August 2020, starting as a Weekend Front Desk staff member, and she rose to the position of General Manager at EnerGYM Alta in 2023.
For Karen, the Northside Jacksonville gym is her second home. She cherishes the company of members and staff, frequently training and socializing within our walls. A fitness enthusiast, Karen has been lifting for 13 years. She ventured into CrossFit during her initial four years, participating in regional competitions in Delaware twice. Currently, she is enrolled in the NASM Personal Training course and is CPR certified.
Karen believes in the therapeutic power of working out and urges others to push past their limits. She advocates for embracing discomfort to achieve progress, stating that everyone belongs in the gym – not just for looking better, but for becoming better humans. For Karen, working out stems from loving and wanting to improve one's body, rather than from self-criticism. Her mantra: "Work out because you love your body and want to improve it, never because you hate it."