Terry tillman energym

Terry Tillman

Body Toning Instructor

A passionate fitness expert with a wealth of experience, Terry Tillman has been invigorating the lives of people through personal training for over 30 years. Having served in the U.S. Navy from 1993 - 2003, Terry not only became a PRT Coordinator but also earned two awards for helping colleagues achieve excellent scores on their Physical Readiness Test (PRT).
A multi-faceted athlete, Terry has participated in sports like basketball, football, track, and even represented the All Navy Boxing Team in '92. His profound understanding of physical fitness is not merely about training hard; Terry believes that good health begins with balanced nutrition and healthy blood. He stresses the importance of adequate hydration, eating nutritious food, and taking necessary supplements.
Terry's passion extends beyond just physical training. He is dedicated to helping individuals improve from the inside out, stressing the importance of a healthy lifestyle and mental well-being. His comprehensive approach towards health and fitness has made him a cherished member of the EnerGYM NorthJAX family. Terry's favorite phrase? "Keep doing what you all are doing and stay BLESSED!"