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Stormi Johnston

Childcare Teacher

Meet Stormi Johnston, our dedicated and passionate lead childcare teacher at EnerGYM NorthJAX. Born and raised on the Northside, Stormi has an innate connection with the community she serves. She brings with her an extensive background in childcare, beginning her journey as a babysitter at the tender age of 16. With over 11 years of experience, she’s honed her skills and developed a deep understanding of children’s needs and developmental stages.
A proud alumna of First Coast High School, Stormi graduated with National Honors and furthered her education at FSCJ for a year. Prior to joining us, she worked at Athletes Choice childcare, where she demonstrated her commitment to nurturing and educating children.
Stormi’s love for fitness began in 2014 when she embarked on a personal weight loss journey, dropping 50 lbs from her initial 200 lbs. Becoming a mother momentarily diverted her from the fitness path, but she bounced back in 2023. Since March, she has lost an additional 23.5 lbs, and she's not done yet. Stormi believes in the transformative power of fitness and appreciates how it brings together people of all backgrounds in mutual support and encouragement.
A major lifestyle change came for Stormi when she experienced severe allergic reactions. This challenged her to prioritize her health even further, inspiring her ongoing fitness and wellness journey.
Outside of work, Stormi lives an equally energetic life. She runs a bustling household with her own mini farm of 13 animals, including dogs, cats, a leopard gecko, baby chicks, a rabbit, and a duck. Her love for animals extends to her entrepreneurial spirit as well, owning and operating Skyes Pet Services, a pet sitting business with an online storefront.
In addition to her pet services, she co-owns a lawn business with her husband. Amidst her busy schedule, she still finds time to enjoy life's simple pleasures like a day at the beach, or preparing for upcoming hiking adventures with her kids. Stormi's future plan includes purchasing land next year to expand her mini farm, reflecting her love for animals and nature.
Whether she's at the gym, nurturing children, or tending to her animals, Stormi brings a unique blend of energy, experience, and passion to everything she does. We are proud to have her as part of the EnerGYM NorthJAX team!