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Cassidy Croasmun

Personal Trainer

Introducing Cassidy Croasmun, a dynamic personal trainer at EnerGYM NorthJAX who embodies energy, determination, and passion. A native of Northside Jacksonville, Cassidy is only in her 20's but has been empowering others to achieve their fitness goals for several years as a certified NASM trainer.
In high school, Cassidy found her love for sports through weightlifting and other activities. This passion led her to become a personal trainer, aiming to inspire others to find balance between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and enjoying life. Her approach centers on teaching clients how to workout safely to avoid injuries and aid recovery from previous ones.
Cassidy's adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors have taken her on thrilling paths. She was a whitewater raft guide and a ski/snowboard instructor in her post-high school years. Her love for water carries over into her leisure time, where she enjoys hanging out at the beach, lakes, or by the pool.
Recently, she graduated with her Associate of Arts in May 2023, demonstrating her commitment to continuous learning. Cassidy plans to further her education at the University of North Florida, aiming for a bachelor's degree in Sports Management.
With a vibrant, extroverted personality, Cassidy thrives in the company of others. She brings a special kind of energy to EnerGYM NorthJAX, so much so that her colleagues affectionately refer to her as the "mean trainer". Cassidy is also the leading instructor for our Fit 2Gether program, delivering intensive workout sessions with precision and enthusiasm.
When it comes to her personal workout routine, Cassidy's go-to playlist is filled with tunes from 2000s R&B, creating an energetic, nostalgic vibe. 
Now, here's a fun fact about Cassidy: unlike her fellow trainer Karen, she doesn’t handle caffeine well. But don't be fooled, her vibrant energy levels don't require any caffeine boosts - she attributes her natural zest to being a "natural-crackhead" (Karen made me put that in).
Whether you're just starting your fitness journey or looking to take it to the next level, Cassidy Croasmun is ready to help you conquer your goals and enjoy the process.